Effutu Kingdy shall be having a football player’s justify




2/10/2017. To. 13/10/2017.
Venue : Winneba Advanced Park
Time : 9am each day

Note: All applicants must score high on all points below.

Central defender:

• Height 185-195 cm

• Good pace both in distance and in quick/small movements (1.45 at 10m and 4.70 at 40 meters)

• Good duel player – good in defending own box

• Ballplayer – good in playing out from behind, both in terms of decision making and technique in distribution

Central midfielder:

• Height 175-190 cm

• Excellent in covering space through tempo on shorter/longer distances, quick feet.

• Forwardthinking in his decisionmaking. Movement and passes through lines with and without the ball

• Endproduct in goals/assist

Right winger (left foot):

• Good 1v1 skills OFF

• Good in combination play

• High speed – 1.40 in the first 10

• MUST have endproduct – crosses/finishing – goals/assist

Email: info@effutukingdyfc.com
Website: www.effutukingdyfc.com
Tel: +233 (0) 541-759-510

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